Saturday, April 12, 2014

Story time.

So this one time IN JANUARY I started planning the wedding. This one time I've known since then that the beginning of August was our goal. This one time IN MARCH we set our date. MARCH 8TH we reserved our temple and reception venue.

So also this one time THE LAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY Kam and I went to dinner with a close friend. We told her about our plans. WE TOLD HER ABOUT OUR PLANS. 
She told us about a blind date she had planned that weekend. She showed us a picture. Cute.

This one time, via Instagram, I learned she was now dating Blind Date.

This one time THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, said friend texted me a picture of her ENGAGEMENT ring. All excited I asked if they'd set a date. 
And this one time IT WAS THE SAME DAY AS OURS.

So this one time Kim followed me as I paced around Winco looking for Kam, all the time threatening to pee on everyone's faces. We talked, my hands shook. Kim took me back to her house and made me dip strawberries and not think about it. 

Yesterday I calmed down. 

Today I got the obligatory invite on Facebook. 
I'm mad again.



Bethany Johnson said...

That stinks :/
I guess sometimes with big events like a wedding they have to choose a specific day that works very best for people traveling, school, etc. Obviously I don't know the entire situation, but maybe that is what happened, because I'm sure she wouldn't do that to spite you. (: So excited for you to get married

Katie Fairchild said...

Pretty sure I know who you're referring to, which makes me so angry for you! Gah! So sorry that's going on :( You and Kam have already been through so much so having this happen too is just not cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I would cut someone if that happened to me :/ that is less than ideal! I did read your other post and someone had said that it would be cool for people to go from one wedding to the next...I'm a caterer and I have seen that happen. It does work and it is lovely! Don't let it ruin your day, the only person who 100% needs to be there is your partner! :)

Kayla said...

This makes me sad...