Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A letter to Brett

Little brother! 
Well married life is kind of surreal. It feels like it's not permanent haha but obviously it is, it's ETERNAL! 
A lot has happened and i'm going to try to show you through pictures! :)

I just realized there are 44 photos... hopefully thats not an overload...

My Temple Dress :) that I got at DI :)

Kam and I at the temple the day I went through.

Our beautiful invitation/registry card that Ashley designed for us :)

The engagement picture that we put in with the invite

These adorable cups that Ashley made for us. She works at Color Me Mine.
My RING! :)))))

Kam's ring. It says "Like Crazy" on the inside. Because I always tell him i love him like crazy

Sam bought me a typewriter as a wedding gift!! it's so pretty!

My design for me dress

My friends threw me a little Bridal tea party!
Courtnie, Marie (who are cousins and used to be my roommates in provo) Ellie (who is marie's cousin and rocks so much) and then of course Ashley! :)

They had a tiara for me to wear :)

Sabrina and I and Ana Valeria's wedding

A date to Pizza Pie Cafe with Kam's brothers Asher and Kaden
Making a million paper flowers with Katie and Ashley

 We dyed them and the dried them and then made flowers.

Making a million lace and doily buntings 

 drying the glue all over the apartment

Katie and Kim working hard.

The night before the wedding we went up to Katie's family's cabin to hang out and relax

Decorating cupcakes with the crew
Ashley, Katie, Makenzi, Andi, Kim, moma :)

Driving to the temple from Mount Pleasant the morning of with Kim and Mom
I didn't sleep all night and when we got to the temple and realized I'd forgotten my recommend I burst into tears. The temple workers are so nice though.

After the ceremony

 Pretty Pretty temple


After Temple photos we were starving so we stopped in Ephraim on our way back home to eat at The Malt Shop. So good. mmm

Grape Slushes are the best thing that ever happened, you know?

Our room at the hotel! So pretty!

Breakfast at the hotel. It was AMAZING. The food is so so so good. It's a functioning restaurant as well as a hotel. And everything was so cute and quaint and BEAUTIFUL. 


Our cool room key. We actually had to lock the door behind us. I love that.

Chillin in Park City. Doesn't kam look excited?

Hiking in Midway! The weather was real real nice

Back at home for the last three days of the week. Using Kam's vivint meal tickets. 
All the food trucks totally take vivint meal tickets. 
It's basically the best thing that ever happened. One day I'm going to shove a Sweeto Burrito down your throat and you will love it.

 Paid off the credit card from paying the hotel and paid off the table at RC Willey.

 we have a lot of instruments. and that's not even all of them...haha

Cleaning up after getting all our gifts home while watching Fantastic Mr Fox 

We made a fancy breakfast

 Super Cute sign we bought in Park City

They ate the Lemon Curd top layer at the wedding which was supposed to be for us :( So mom gave us what was left of the bottom layer, which was still pretty fantastic.
Our table with a giant slab of wedding cake on it haha

 Andi being super excited about getting her room "back"
 A chalk board that DAD made. And he thought it looked horrible. So silly. Dad can do anything.

I love you so much little brother. You're the best!
Have a grand old week :)

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