Friday, August 29, 2014

Because I'm awake

And I really shouldn't be. 

All the uterine lining. It's be falling out of me right now. So boo. 

It's probably because I'm hormonal and it's the middle of the night (almost morning) and I haven't slept a wink (thanks, uterus), but I'm like "babies".

And my brain is like "Is that a joke? Who even are you?"

And my little heart is like "But... So cute."

And my uterus is like "What a joke."

And I'm like "Shut up you guys, cuz guess what? I want to sleep."


Laura said...

Haha! Love this. During my most hormonal times, my heart does the same thing. Also when we sit behind 5 million adorable tinies in church. But alas, pregnancy and delivery in Grenada sounds like the worst possible thing, so . . . maybe laters.

Jenessa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you for a good laugh! so great!