Friday, January 16, 2015

"I've got thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade it might be too sharp..."

Sia, she's such an amazing artist and her music was a huge part of my teenage years her album, Colour the Small one helped me get through some of the more turbulent moments in my life. Her most recent album is slaying me and the accompanying videos make my heart want to burst. She has always been incredibly innovative and unique in her approach to music videos and it's one of the most endearing things about her. 
Her words are so powerful and full of imagery and the videos for Chandelier and Elastic Heart are so beautifully executed; I've been watching them all week. It's hard to explain the feeling, her music brings up a lot of different thoughts and emotions for me. She's so raw as an artist, she not afraid to shine a light on the hard and ugly parts of herself. It's clear that for her the writing of music helps shed the skins of people she doesn't want to be, helps her center on what's good for her, and for all of us as human beings, really. 

An even her approach to the music industry is refreshing. It's so incredibly rare to see someone sharing music for the music and not fame. She's just the most amazing, and I'm so glad she is playing again because her music means so much to me.d

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