Monday, April 6, 2015

Cute donut keychain DIY

I know I never post here anymore but I figured I'd share this because it was fun and I'm obsessed. So there 

These are keychain donuts that my friend Angelica informed me were available at a vending machine at Red Robin in the Provo mall, so of course while Kam was out on errands I sent him for some. 

I was a wee bit disappointed by the fact that the four I got where the same so I set out to change that

So with regular white finger nail polish I did two coats ( or until I couldn't see the color underneath anymore, I don't recall exactly).

That didn't take long at all to dry and I picked out my other colors and went to town. Then I decided I really liked that so I ended up painting all four! 

Again this was just regular, cheapy nail polish. No need to buy the expensive stuff. These are Sinful Color, Wet n Wild, and forever21 colors. 

Then I took the pointy end of a safety pin ( because we don't own toothpicks, but I'm sure those will work) and scraped paint off the application brush and slid some sprinkles onto them things. 

And just like that you have some super cute, very colorful, extremely appetizing donuts for your fancy!

The end

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