Friday, December 4, 2015

Friendly fire

I try to send you messages in bottles
but I keep finding them on the shore
scroll wound
bow tight.
So I'm hoping they never got to you 
because the only thing that would hurt more than knowing you don't know how I feel, would be knowing that you saw each bottle and threw it back without ever opening it.

But it probably wouldn't matter if you did
Open it
because the notes inside are blank
because I never know what to say
But something inside me want to believe 
you'd recognize the bottle
you'd recognize the paper
you'd recognize the bit of twine
you'd recognize the bow
But maybe it's been too long
Maybe I've forgotten what message I'm trying to send
Because it changes
just the way that anything does
But I'm still tossing bottles, blank messages inside
Hoping that you'll recognize the lines of my hand
reaching out.

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