Saturday, May 28, 2016


I was nervous to see you again after all this time
Mostly because I thought you'd changed
And really, you did.
There are parts of you that I don't know that are new
And I think there are still parts of you that I don't know that aren't knew at all.

But even with all the parts unknown to me,
You're still you.
And I could cry.

Because I thought for certain that "you" I knew was lost forever, or worse,
never there at all.

You seem happy, you seem healthy
you seem refreshed.
And I'm glad.

When you left I was angry,
But I prayed for you, I hoped you'd be alright.
And from what I can tell Your New Home is treating you well.

And it hurt, but if breaking off and starting new was what it took to take away your hurt
then I'm glad
and I'm grateful
to Your New Home.

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